Do you take steps to avoid showing your teeth when you laugh or smile? A variety of factors can make us feel embarrassed about our smile. In order to improve your smile beauty you may benefit from cosmetic procedures. Do you need cosmetic dentistry?

Mansfield, TX Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz

1. True or False: Composite fillings contain no metal.

2. True or False: Teeth whitening can remove discoloration.

3. True or False: Dental bonding repairs teeth in one visit.

4. True or False: Porcelain veneers can correct multiple smile imperfections.

Answer Key

1. True. Amalgam fillings are made of metal, which means they stand out when placed onto a tooth. As part of our approach to cosmetic treatment we offer tooth-colored fillings. Made from composite, they are metal-free and can be shaded to blend seamlessly with the tooth.

2. True. We actually offer two different types of teeth whitening. First, we have a home-based kit you can use that involves wearing gel-filled trays for a certain amount of time daily. This removes discoloration and reduces the sensitivity that often accompanies store bought options. Our second system is Zoom! Whitening, an in-office technique that employs a bleaching gel and curing light to erase stains in under an hour.

3. True. If a tooth becomes chipped we can restore the lost structure with dental bonding. Using a composite material, we build up the missing structure and reshape the tooth as the material cures. The entire procedures takes a single visit and can transform the appearance of your tooth.

4. True. Veneers are simply a thin wafer of porcelain placed onto the teeth. Lifelike and stain resistant, placing them instantly rejuvenates the tooth’s appearance. We can use the to mask stains or misalignment and reshape a damaged or malformed tooth.


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