No ones wants the embarrassing experience of possessing bad breath. Bad breath is a common phenomenon in the morning right after we’ve woken up, but many adults are puzzled about what to do if bad breath lingers throughout the day. In today’s blog your Mansfield dentists Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris answer patients’ concerns and questions about halitosis.

Q: What causes bad breath?

A: Bad breath can be caused by irregular dental hygiene habits. Flossing and brushing on a daily basis removes trapped food and oral bacteria that can produce bad breath. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris recommend brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once daily. They recommend brushing your tongue as bacteria atop the tongue can lead to bad breath. Gum disease and cavities can also give off undesirable odors. Some medications can lead to bad breath as well as foods such as garlic and onions. Some health conditions also cause bad breath. These include sinus infections, diabetes, chronic dry mouth, acid reflux, respiratory infections such as bronchitis, or kidney failure.

Q: How can I treat bad breath?

A: Strong dental hygiene practices, regular dental cleanings, and investigating other factors such as health issues or medication use can help to correct bad breath.

Q: When should I see a dentist about bad breath?

A: Morning bad breath is very common because saliva flow decreases while we sleep. Saliva neutralizes plaque acids, and without it, our mouths contain more odorous bacteria. If your halitosis continues after you have brushed your teeth in the morning, you may need the help of a dentist or medical professional.  Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris will walk you though underlying conditions or factors that could be the source of the halitosis.

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