We have all been told about the importance of brushing and flossing every day. However, your toothbrush may not be as effective or as clean as you think it is. A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham revealed that Staphylococci, coliforms, pseudomonads, yeasts, intestinal bacteria and even fecal germs may rest on your toothbrush. Your Mansfield dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris, outline how to store and clean your toothbrush to accomplish excellent brushing, plaque elimination, and ultimately good dental health.

Reduce Germs

  • Rinse toothbrush with clean water after use. This removes food debris and remaining toothpaste.
  • Let your toothbrush dry out. Do not store your toothbrush in a container or cover it because it is important to let it dry out. If it remains in damp surroundings, germs are more likely to thrive there. Hang the toothbrush so that it can rest upright and air dry as quickly as possible.
  • Store toothbrushes separately from each other to avoid cross-contamination of germs.
  • Replace a toothbrush after an illness. Keep the infected person’s toothbrush away from others, and if possible, purchase a new toothbrush following the illness, especially for illnesses that are spread through body fluids.
  • Replace a new toothbrush every three of four months, or whenever the bristles become worn.
  • Keep toothbrushes away from the toilet to avoid germs flying out during flushing.
  • Use antimicrobial rinses such as Listerine prior to brushing to lower the number of germs in your mouth. This will slash the number of germs that are left behind on your toothbrush.
  • Wash your hands immediately after using the restroom before touching your toothbrush to prevent fecal-oral contamination.
  • Maintain regular dental cleanings every six months to diminish the types and number of bacteria in your mouth.

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