What happens when your tooth suffers from advanced decay or becomes chipped? To return a tooth to full function and appearance, many dentists will recommend a dental crown. Made from a variety of different materials and containing both cosmetic and restorative properties, dental crowns are a common and unique form of smile restoration.

Mansfield TX Dental Crown Quiz

1. True or False: A dental crown fits over the tooth.

2. True or False: A dental crown can repair damaged teeth.

3. True or False: A crown can help replace missing teeth.

4. True or False: Crowns are made from a variety of materials.

Answer Key

1. True. The dental crown covers the visible portion of the tooth. The crown preserves the remaining tooth structure and protects the tooth from further decay or infection.

2. True. Your Mansfield TX dentist may place a dental crown to restore a broken or cracked tooth. In addition, a dental crown helps return a tooth to full health and beauty following a root canal procedure.

3. True. Your Mansfield TX dentist may also use a dental crown to help replace a lost tooth. Dental crowns can be used to anchor a dental bridge into place and top a single tooth dental implant. Crowns look and function like natural teeth, providing the perfect restoration for a dental prosthetic.

4. True. For teeth near the back of the mouth, which must endure powerful bite forces, your Mansfield TX dentist may recommend a gold or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. These crowns are very strong and offer long lasting restoration. For teeth near the front of the mouth, you may benefit from a porcelain crown. A porcelain crown mimics the translucent appearance of a natural tooth, so your crown blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth. For more information on our dental crowns, schedule a consultation today.

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