The holidays are a time when we are surrounded by delicacies. Cookies, cakes, and candies seem to be within reach no matter where we decide to go. The current season, then, can be treacherous for your oral health. However, if you follow the useful tips below from your Mansfield TX general dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris, you can safeguard your smile as this year draws to a close and the next one begins.

Holiday Considerations for Your Oral Health

  1. Remain aware of what foods you are eating. With all the hustle and bustle during the holidays, many people completely lose track of the foods and drinks they are consuming. Unfortunately, many of the beverages and snacks available this time of year are filled with sugar, a substance which harmful oral bacteria love. These bacteria will consume sugar in the mouth and give off a damaging acid by product as a result. You will, therefore, be doing a lot for your oral health by monitoring your sugar intake over the next several weeks.
  2. Schedule a dental cleaning before the end of the year. As the year winds down, you will likely find yourself with more and more to do. If you are able to, try to find time to fit a dental cleaning into your busy schedule. Dental cleanings are essential in maintaining a healthy mouth as they allow your Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris to examine your teeth for any troubling symptoms. At the same time, dental cleanings also allow hygienists to remove stubborn tartar from your with professional instruments that are far more effective in this task than are toothbrushes and dental floss.
  3. Keep up with your homecare. Your teeth will not succumb to decay if harmful oral bacteria are not allowed to linger on them. By removing bacteria-ridden plaque quickly, you can keep the sticky substance from hardening into tartar, thereby lowering your risks of tooth decay and gum disease.

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