Patients who wear partial dentures have varying degrees of knowledge about this tooth replacement. However, at Mansfield Dental Associates, we like to keep our patients informed about their oral health. Therefore, in this article your Mansfield, TX dentist, Dr. S. Blair Jones, shares a few facts about partial dentures.

Quick Trivia about Partial Dentures

  • Dentures have pores. Full and partial dentures made from acrylic don’t have solid surfaces. In fact, when observed under a microscope, acrylic contains thousands of microscopic holes that can become filled with food particles and oral bacteria. In other words, using a denture brush and specialized toothpaste isn’t enough to clean your partials—an overnight soak is a must.
  • Soaking removes most bacteria. As aforementioned, brushing your partials alone isn’t enough to clean those pieces effectively. Instead, your Mansfield, TX dentist recommends completing a nightly soak. With a solution made from water and a denture cleaner like Polident or a similar product, you can remove up-to 99.9% of accumulated bacteria.
  • Missing teeth increases oral bacteria. Studies have shown that older people who have chosen not wear a tooth replacement after enduring tooth loss have more oral bacteria than those who do. This is due to a reduced flow of saliva and a decrease in the immune system.
    Furthermore, patients who suffer from dry mouths and wear partials also have increased levels of oral bacteria, which is a big issue amongst older patients. Since the immune system is less capable of providing protection as we age, more oral bacteria means more illnesses. For this reason, patients who have frequent dry mouths have been advised to clean their partials diligently to avoid the development of oral ailments.

Mansfield Dental Associates Can Restore Your Smile

If you have a few missing teeth and have considered using partial dentures to restore your smile, talk to Dr. Jones. He can tell you the benefits of having partial dentures and provide other tooth replacement options. To schedule an appointment with our Mansfield, TX dental practice at (817) 259-1357. Also, visit our website to view services and learn more about our team. We proudly treat patients from Mansfield, South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian and neighboring areas.