As tooth replacement options go, partial dentures prove quite popular amongst patients with one or just a few missing teeth. Though this solution may seem simple, partials require diligent cleaning and general care.

Your Mansfield, TX dentist, Dr. S. Blair Jones provides alternative solutions to partial dentures to ensure his patients make the correct tooth placement choice.

Before Electing Partial Dentures, Consider These Alternatives

  • Dental implants. For patients who only have one missing tooth, a dental implant may prove as the most effective method. Partial dentures require nightly removal and a gentle cleaning method. However, a dental implant provides patients with a substitute tooth root and a natural-looking crown, which allows the restoration to go virtually undetected. With a dental implant, you can restore you smile permanently.
    Furthermore, should the dentist find that your jaw bone has atrophied slightly, ask about using a mini dental implant (MDI) instead. An MDI is half the size of a traditional dental implant and work better for patients who have suffered with untreated tooth loss for years.
  • Dental bridges. A partialdenture is essentially a removable dental bridge. Yet, with a bridge patients can feel more secure with their tooth replacement since it’s also a permanent solution. A bridge contains three main components: two anchoring crowns and one or many pontics (false teeth).
    For placement, your
    Mansfield, TX dentist simply bonds the two anchoring crowns to the healthy teeth bordering the missing tooth gap. A bridge is a relatively quick restoration that lasts for many years with proper at-home care. Plus, a bridge is just as affordable as partials.
  • Crowns. Oftentimes, when a tooth is severely decayed, a patient opts for an extraction rather than a repair for fear of the procedure. While this solution does work, dentists usually prefer to save the tooth whenever possible—keeping the tooth prevents jaw bone atrophy in the future. In such instances, the dentist may suggest a crown.
    Should the patient agree, the doctor removes the decay and fills the tooth. As reinforcement method, a crown is placed to restore the tooth’s integrity and strength. The result is perfectly functioning tooth sans the need for an extraction.

Mansfield Dental Associates Offer Patients Tooth Replacement Options

Don’t commit to partial dentures before considering every available option. Dr. Jones wants his patients to have the necessary information to choose the correct tooth replacement method. To schedule an appointment with our Mansfield, TX dental practice at (817) 259-1357. Also, visit our website to view services and learn more about our team. We proudly treat patients from Mansfield, South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian and neighboring areas.