Planning a vacation or business can trip can cause an extreme amount of stress. Packing luggage, finding a parking spot, and moving through airport security can all prove stressful enough without the addition of a toothache. Many people report toothaches when they fly, but the types of pain experienced can vary. Your Mansfield dentists, Drs. Jones and Harris, discuss why people suffer from toothaches when they fly.

Under Pressure

The simplest explanation for the reason behind airplane toothaches involves cabin pressure. The practice of gum chewing or yawning acts as a way for people to balance their body’s internal pressure during time of rapid change. Most people report their worst tooth pain during an airplane’s climb or descent. Sinus pressure commonly causes tooth pain. Air traps itself in the human body in various areas. When an airplane rapidly changes altitude, the body attempts to relieve this pressure by expunging air.

Potential Toothaches

Tooth decay commonly causes airplane toothaches. When a tooth begins decaying, air often finds a home inside the tooth. Teeth provide very few means of exit for trapped air inside a tooth, and the trapped air rarely escapes at fast enough rates to keep up with changing cabin pressure. Sufferers often report sharp, stabbing pain associated with airplane toothaches caused by tooth decay.

If a person suffered from an allergy attack or a recent bout with a cold, then sinusitis could contribute to their airplane toothache. Sinus medication could relieve some of the pressure. Usually, sinus-related toothaches will manifest pain in upper teeth and cause dull or throbbing pain. If lower teeth become affected by changing pressure, then sinusitis likely plays little role.

Another potential type of airplane toothaches involves recent dental work. Sometimes, air can become trapped underneath recent fillings. As previously discussed, when the airplane rapidly changes altitude, the pressure results in pain at the site of the recent dental work.

If you experience tooth pain which seems abnormal, we recommend an immediate call to a dentist. If you find yourself away from your Mansfield dentist, search for a dentist at your destination whom provides emergency dental care. Traveling with a toothache can put a real damper on vacation plans or cause a person to be ineffective on a business trip. If you frequently fly and experience tooth pain, allow us to evaluate your oral health to determine if we can assist in easing your pain.

Schedule Your Visit Before Flying

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