General knowledge dictates that candy and other sugary treats harm your teeth. But do you know what types of foods and drinks can help your teeth? Your Mansfield dentists, Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris, want you to know that plenty of delicious foods and drinks exist that will help your teeth stay strong!

Green Tea – Because it contains fluoride, this beverage helps protects teeth against decay. The tea leaves also possess an antioxidant plant compound called polyphenols, which stops plaque from sticking to your teeth, thus reducing your chance for cavities and gum disease.

Cheese – Its high calcium and phosphate content helps balance your mouth’s pH levels and strengthens tooth enamel. Plus, cheese promotes saliva flow and aids in the destruction of harmful oral bacteria.

Apples – Along with other crunchy fruits and vegetables, apples have a high water content, which offsets the effects of the sugars they contain. Apples also contain vitamin C, which helps maintain healthy gum tissue.

Nuts – Nuts provide your teeth with essential vitamins and minerals. Cashews, for instance, stimulate saliva flow and help clean teeth, while almonds and peanuts are high in calcium.

Meats – Beef, chicken, and turkey contain phosphorus, which remineralizes teeth with the help of calcium and vitamin D.

Water – Water increases saliva, hydrates the gums, and cleanses the mouth of trapped food particles that can decompose and cause bad breath. Much of today’s public drinking water is fortified with fluoride, which has proven extremely beneficial for the developing teeth of children.

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