Category: Restorative Dentistry

How A Filling Offers Dependable Support After A Cavity

When your dentist provides cavity care, their goals are to remove all decay from your tooth, and make sure that tooth has the support it needs to function after treatment. In many instances, a tooth can be repaired with a dental filling after a cavity treatment. Your dentist will supply the filling material after all… Read more »

Undergoing A Professional Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth is not something people tend to look forward to. Your overall oral health is harmed by the loss of even one tooth, and your dentist will do whatever they can to protect you from this problem. Unfortunately, some situations will call for them to perform a tooth extraction. People often have their… Read more »

Your Dental Crown Should Offer Lasting Support

Your dental crown is not meant to make a brief appearance in your smile before being replaced, or removed. Crowns need to exhibit real durability, because if your tooth needs a crown, that need will be permanent. Your enamel can heal after some minor harm, but when the damage grows too significant, that capacity will… Read more »

Quiz: How Your Dentist Takes Care Of Tooth Decay

What does it take to take care of a cavity? The first thing to understand is that it will take your dentist’s intervention – once a cavity forms, you will not be able to stop it. They will remove the infected area of your tooth, make sure it is cleaned, and restore what was lost… Read more »

Seek Dental Care If You Have A Problem With A Restoration

Restorative dental work is intended to offer a full recovery from tooth decay, and lasting support after it has been addressed. Depending on the severity of your cavity, you could receive a dental crown, or a dental filling. Both restorations are meant to offer your tooth the protection it needs, and help you feel confident… Read more »

Will A Root Canal Stop My Tooth Pain?

If you are experiencing a chronic toothache, or significant sensitivity, an endodontic problem may be the cause. Endodontic issues refer to problems occurring within your tooth. These problems are often related to serious cavities, but internal damage can develop after an injury, particularly one where a crack exposes your tooth’s pulp. A recurring tooth problem… Read more »

Do I Really Need A Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist may not expect you to welcome the news that you need a root canal treatment, but you should understand that this restorative dental work can save your tooth. A root canal is not for any cavity, but it is needed when tooth decay has grown serious enough to enter your tooth. That intrusion… Read more »

Will You Need A Filling During Your Next Dental Appointment?

When you go in for a regular dental checkup, you can face a looming question – will they find something wrong? If you care for your teeth, and limit your consumption of sugar, then you should have few worries when going in for a routine appointment. However, even people who are confident in the effort… Read more »

Giving Real Attention To The Problem Of Tooth Loss

The problem of tooth loss can be more serious than you realize. You might be tempted to emphasize the effect a missing tooth – or multiple missing teeth – can have on your smile, while overlooking the effect on your oral health. Biting and chewing can become more complicated if you have to work around… Read more »

What Your Dentist Can Do About A Severe Cavity

There may not be anything your dentist would call a “good” cavity, some patients will arrive for restorative dental care with more advanced tooth decay than others. The severity of a cavity will influence how it needs to be treated. When a cavity pushes through your enamel, and opens a pathway for bacteria to infect… Read more »