Serving The Needs Of Patients With Dental Anxieties

Anxiety about dental treatment can serve as a real obstacle to effective oral health care. There are different degrees of anxiety. While some people may avoid even coming in for general dental care, others can be find with checkups, but shy away from any restorative dental work they are told they need. By missing routine appointments, you lose out on preventive care that can keep your smile in good health. If you delay restorative work, your ultimate treatment can wind up being more involved. Dental sedation and modern dental tools can make your visits more pleasant, and can help you feel more at ease. This can make it easier for patients to feel prepared to come in for the care they need. (more…)

Undergoing A Professional Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth is not something people tend to look forward to. Your overall oral health is harmed by the loss of even one tooth, and your dentist will do whatever they can to protect you from this problem. Unfortunately, some situations will call for them to perform a tooth extraction. People often have their wisdom teeth removed. In other circumstances, a patient can have a tooth removed due to a congenital abnormality, an injury, or complications from tooth decay. No matter what the cause, your dentist can provide the safest and most comfortable possible extraction experience. They can also talk to you about addressing the loss with a prosthetic. (more…)

Come To The 2017 Wisteria Street Market May 20

On Saturday, May 20, you and your family can come take part in Wisteria Street Market, a popular Mansfield event. Located at the Mansfield Activities Center, Wisteria Street Market brings together a diverse array of vendors with an impressive items. There will also be food trucks on hand, family activities, and free DIY crafts you can assemble on site. Make sure to arrive early – the first fifty people to come through the door will receive a complementary Market gift bag! Attendance to Wisteria Street Market is free for everyone. (more…)

How Long Will A Professional Whitening Treatment Take?

If you have a big event coming up soon – a wedding, a reunion, an important job interview – your interest in cosmetically improving your smile can take on a new urgency. One reason you might hesitate to move forward with discussing cosmetic treatment with your dentist is an assumption that the work will not be completed in time. What you should know is that something like a professional whitening treatment can be completed in just one appointment. Patients who seek out care through professional whitening can see improvements of their smile’s color by many shades. If you prefer, you can actually arrange to administer the treatments at home, too. (more…)

Phantom of the Universe at the Planetarium at UT Arlington!

Did you know that most of our universe may be made up of matter that we can’t even see? Phantom of the Universe, a weekly recurring show at the Planetarium at UT Arlington, explores what we call Dark Matter and takes visitors on a journey of discovery to uncover its secrets. The show, narrated by Academy Award winner, Tilda Swinton, focuses on the Large Hadron Collider—the gigantic underground particle detector that allows scientists to study the workings of Dark Matter. Bring your children and family to the Planetarium this weekend and enjoy a day of fun, discovery, and amazement as you journey through the secrets of the universe! (more…)

3 Ways To Control An Increased Cavity Risk

If you start to notice you go less and less time between cavities, your natural defense against tooth decay may have started to falter. This can occur for several reasons. The most obvious steps can be the steps towards improving how well you care for your teeth. However, you can do more than just brush and floss more often, or more carefully. If you want to avoid problems that call for restorative dental care, pay attention to your habits throughout the day. You may be surprised by what changes can benefit you. (more…)

Your Dental Crown Should Offer Lasting Support

Your dental crown is not meant to make a brief appearance in your smile before being replaced, or removed. Crowns need to exhibit real durability, because if your tooth needs a crown, that need will be permanent. Your enamel can heal after some minor harm, but when the damage grows too significant, that capacity will fall well short of what you need. If you suffer an advanced cavity, or notable dental damage from an injury, that harm is permanent. By fitting that tooth with a crown, you can enjoy sustained coverage. Once placed, your crown is tasked with taking on the pressures created whenever you chew, or bite into food. With the right material, your dentist can ensure that in addition to holding up for a long span of time, your crown will also fit in with your surrounding teeth. (more…)

Porcelain Veneers Can Address Your Cosmetic Concerns

Porcelain veneers have supplied patients with real improvements to their smiles. This cosmetic dental procedure will allow you to take care of multiple issues, and can leave you with a high-quality smile that still looks natural. The placement process will call for two appointments. During your first trip, preparatory steps are taken care of – those steps include the taking of measurements, so you can enjoy a custom set of veneers. When you return, you will receive the veneers, as your dentist will permanently bond them to the front of your teeth. By receiving veneers, you can cover discolored teeth, while also hiding damages, wear and tear, and developmental flaws. (more…)

What Can A Dental Bonding Treatment Can Do For Your Smile?

A dental bonding treatment can be called on to take care of several kinds of cosmetic dental problems. This can be an especially useful procedure if you want to address minor, but visible, dental damages, including discoloration after an accident. You can also use bonding to hide congenital problems, by adding size to a small tooth, or reshaping its jagged or otherwise flawed shape. This procedure is great for tackling a range of worrying problems, but it can also be popular because many patients can see their desired results after just one visit. (more…)

Quiz: How Your Dentist Takes Care Of Tooth Decay

What does it take to take care of a cavity? The first thing to understand is that it will take your dentist’s intervention – once a cavity forms, you will not be able to stop it. They will remove the infected area of your tooth, make sure it is cleaned, and restore what was lost to decay. The restorative dental treatment process focuses on eliminating the problem, but addressing that loss of material is important. Your dental filling or dental crown will make sure your overall dental function is not inhibited by a vulnerable tooth. (more…)