What Can A Dental Bonding Treatment Can Do For Your Smile?

A dental bonding treatment can be called on to take care of several kinds of cosmetic dental problems. This can be an especially useful procedure if you want to address minor, but visible, dental damages, including discoloration after an accident. You can also use bonding to hide congenital problems, by adding size to a small tooth, or reshaping its jagged or otherwise flawed shape. This procedure is great for tackling a range of worrying problems, but it can also be popular because many patients can see their desired results after just one visit. (more…)

Quiz: How Your Dentist Takes Care Of Tooth Decay

What does it take to take care of a cavity? The first thing to understand is that it will take your dentist’s intervention – once a cavity forms, you will not be able to stop it. They will remove the infected area of your tooth, make sure it is cleaned, and restore what was lost to decay. The restorative dental treatment process focuses on eliminating the problem, but addressing that loss of material is important. Your dental filling or dental crown will make sure your overall dental function is not inhibited by a vulnerable tooth. (more…)

The Inaugural Earth Day Mansfield Is April 29

On Saturday, April 29, you and your family can participate in the inaugural Earth Day Mansfield, a city celebration of the environment! The event, presented by Keep Mansfield Beautiful and Mansfield Water Utilities, promises to provide a mixture of education and fun, all with the aim of helping residents become better informed about how they can care for our city. Games, educational activities, and a kids’ fishing tournament will be included in the course of the day. Food and drinks will be provided during the day by vendors onsite, and you can meet with natural product vendors to learn more about safe, sustainable items that you can use. (more…)

Bruxism And TMD Treatment Can Protect Your Smile

Bruxism and TMD can certainly make you uncomfortable, but can they really affect the quality of your smile? When it comes to TMD, the pain you deal with on a regular basis may make you uncomfortable to the point that you hardly want to smile. The assortment of discomforts you experience can include headaches, stiffness and soreness in your jaw, and face and neck pains. Bruxism’s effect on your smile is more direct – the pressure you generate when you grind your teeth is capable of doing real harm. You might do enough damage to make a restorative dental treatment necessary! In milder cases, you may still need cosmetic dental work to feel comfortable with your smile again. (more…)

Seek Dental Care If You Have A Problem With A Restoration

Restorative dental work is intended to offer a full recovery from tooth decay, and lasting support after it has been addressed. Depending on the severity of your cavity, you could receive a dental crown, or a dental filling. Both restorations are meant to offer your tooth the protection it needs, and help you feel confident in your ability to bite and chew. Unfortunately, your filling or crown, like your teeth, will not be indestructible. If you have a filling or crown that becomes loose, or suffers damage, seek help from your dentist. They can make sure your tooth is protected, and provide you with a new restoration that offers continued support. (more…)

Rethinking Your Diet, For Your Smile’s Sake

How can you take better care of your teeth when you already take care to brush and floss, and keep up with regular dental visits? If you are frustrated by your tendency to develop cavities, despite enjoying good general dental care with your dentist and at home, consider your diet. When you enjoy a diet with more sugar, or foods that are more likely to stick to teeth, you put your teeth at risk for greater harm. Cutting back on sugar, and ensuring that your diet is higher in nutrients, and healthier overall, can benefit your smile. (more…)

Quiz: What You Can Count On From A Whitening Treatment

If you have never undergone a teeth whitening treatment before, how could you know what to expect from your smile once the process is completed? If your only history with whitening agents is through store bought products, you may not expect much. However, professional teeth whitening from your dentist can have a more significant effect on your appearance. One trip to the dentist’s office for a Zoom! Whitening treatment can make a terrific difference. Of course, there are other options. You can take the necessary materials and whiten your teeth at home using professional bleaching gels. Your dentist can also recommend alternative cosmetic dental treatments, which can be especially important if you have intrinsic discoloration. (more…)

Will A Root Canal Stop My Tooth Pain?

If you are experiencing a chronic toothache, or significant sensitivity, an endodontic problem may be the cause. Endodontic issues refer to problems occurring within your tooth. These problems are often related to serious cavities, but internal damage can develop after an injury, particularly one where a crack exposes your tooth’s pulp. A recurring tooth problem should certainly be seen by your dentist. If they determine you are experiencing an endodontic problem, a root canal treatment can be the answer. This procedure involves the accessing of your pulp, and the removal of infected material. Once this is complete, you will need a dental crown. (more…)

Mansfield’s 2017 Pickle Parade And Palooza Is March 18

As we pass through February, and into March, we move closer to Mansfield’s annual Pickle Parade And Palooza, which will take place on Saturday, March 18. This traditional event provides a full day of fun and games, along with the world’s only pickle-themed St. Patrick’s Day parade! There will also be a pet parade, live music, an autograph signing by the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, and vendors on hand to provide food and refreshments. The Pickle Parade And Palooza will provide a variety of unique and fun activities to participate in. (more…)

Do You Really Need A CPAP Machine To Deal With Sleep Apnea?

If you are aware of what sleep apnea is, and what it can do to your overall health, you may be under the impression that treatment has to come via a CPAP machine. While these devices can offer important help, people who use them may find them uncomfortable, and have difficulty falling asleep. If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your dentist might be able to equip you with an oral appliance that helps stop this problem. The appliance is designed to ensure that when you sleep, your airways are unblocked by the obstructive soft tissue that can stop your breathing during the night. (more…)